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It is coming up to the 10 year anniversary of The Pokerknave. A decade in which we have seen the rise of Obama, Trump, Brexit, China, Bitcoin and Putin.

A decade in which online poker went from hero to zero as bots took over the websites and slowly raped the genuine poker player. A decade in which live poker became lame poker as casino’s aimed at casino games because they are less labour intensive.

So, the next decade we at PokerKnave will aim to intellectualise the game of poker and also re-forge the link between the skill set of poker and politics and finally revive the Poker Totty brand after the neglect due to divisions in sexual politics.

 Poker and the idea of a pure game of gambling based on psychology, maths and luck is probably the purest form of capitalism. Yes you can cheat in the game, like you can cheat in business and the economy, but in the end in a honest game the best poker player usually wins.

Poker like politics is all about personal feelings and big ideas. All politics is local but they always need big ideas to sell it to the people. Likewise poker is all about how a player feels and it’s relation to winning all the money.

The idea of The Poker Totty’s will be led to a creation of a new calendar for 2019. We kind of lost our way with the Poker Tottys as social media took over from the concept of publicity and the need of friendly marketing. People wanted to be stars but were not able to pay the ultimate price and be a complete warrior to fame. It is difficult to be the next Kardashian or Jordan (Katie Price). Plus the rivals are working just as hard so you need a better and have a stronger brand to be successful.

So when the new campaign for Poker Tottys begin next year, we will look for people who really want to do the next stage in marketing and playing poker as well as look hot.

In the end the PokerKnave concept will have to change in an era in which we went from Obama to Trump via Putin. Who would believe that America would become a nation run by a failed casino owner who was a degenerate and reprobate, controlled by an Kremlin oligarch? Britain and the USA have both gone through a convulsion of political suicide. 

In America, after decades of undermining ‘experts’ and ‘intellectuals’, the American voters went finally for the ultimate statement of intent and elected a man so unfit for anything, that it is clear it was a political plot from the Russians.

Donald Trump started out as a joke which was very profitable for us, into a nightmare for the rest of the World. It was an reaction from those who hated the idea of a ‘black’ man in the White House. The Republicans were living of the racist divisions for decades, but then came a hustler who knew the hatred could be harnessed for ill. He started with ‘Birtherism’ and then hugged Putins white nationalism in Europe/USA campaign.

In Britain UKIP, financed by Russian money finally got the referendum they did not necessarily wanted. However, it came and went for Brexit – which we predicted and Nigel Farage didn’t. This result is still going to played out and Britain will do what it always do and be very pragmatic. Farage will cry foul, but he does not have a credible case as he is getting £75,000 per year pension for as long as he lives from the European Union!

The hatred for the European Union amongst the British older population has a lot to do with the post-war generation not liking the fact that Germany has done well while Britain has slipped in the economic/political ratings. 

Putin has done a very good job in picking at the hatred for immigrants and conservative Islamic beliefs. His support for Assad in Syria and his exploiting of the older generation in Western Europe has made him very successful. So successful that he now has his own puppet in the position of President of The United States of America.

The economy has a new player the technology world, blockchain technology and its most famous product Bitcoin. At first we thought Bitcoin was just another internet currency for silly things such as Linden Life. But now it is either the biggest hustle the World has every seen or the sharpest knife to the world economy which will effectively end the concept of  currency inflation?

It was so significant that we decided to create our own coin called Knavecoin. Just as the Internet changed everything we do now, blockchain technology will change everything we do in the future. So it was right and proper that we are at the heart of this and Knavecoin will be great for betting and poker. At the moment every thing is about Bitcoin, but Bitcoin is only the symptom of this technology. The real star of the show is blockchain technology where the open ledger is the central piece and will let ideas and transactions have more transparency. 

However, just like with the Internet it will be capitalised and monetised, however, I am not sure if this will be beneficial or corruption personified. 2018 and the whole Bitcoin price movement will give us a clearer picture.